Sport & Fitness clubs

“My team’s kit
always looks the best
on the field”

Money, energy and
space savings

  • Best wash results thanks to the unique Electrolux SpeedCare drum
  • Saves energy and costs (A+++ energy efficiency rating)
  • High efficiency laundry in a compact format, optimizing your business space

“I can be sure
the laundry will be done in time before the game

Top quality
in half the time

  • High efficiency laundry in a compact format to save time and get the job done at the speed and quality you need – always in time for the next game!
  • Efficient flushing of land and pebbless out of the drum ensured by large 4.5 mm holes
  • Shorter drying cycle with Automatic Moisture Control
washer and dryer for smart businesses

“I can rent towels
to my club members and
earn us extra money

High speed that meets your professional needs

  • Professional disinfection programs to ensure high standard hygiene
  • Top quality solution, built to live longer
  • Warranty for professional applications

Your myPRO

Stubborn grass, dirt and sweat stains are often more than ordinary domestic machines can handle.
With myPRO, you‘ll never have to worry about poor washing results or machine problems again.
Just load, start and relax!

Sport and Fitness clubs brochure
myPRO Washer
Top quality
half the time

myPRO Washers, Dryers and Steam Ironers get the job done at the speed and quality you need – always in time for the next game!

Long life

Lasts 3 times longer than domestic machines due to more durable construction with professional components.

Warranty for professional application

The myPRO washer and dryer come with a professional warranty to protect your investment. In a number of countries, warranties of this kind do not apply if you use domestic equipment for professional purposes. With myPRO – this is never the case.

Optimized drum perforations

Ensures removal of all dirt and particles and outstanding dewatering, for superior garment care.
Large 4.5 mm holes ensure solid particles are efficiently flushed out of the drum, minimizing textile abrasion.

Disinfection programs

Greater flexibility, with programs for a wide variety of applications, including disinfection programs to help you meet hygiene and cleanliness requirements.

Easy-to-clean stainless steel top and front

A stylish and sturdy corrosion-proof exterior that will look great in your business.
Easy-to-clean stainless steel top and front, with specially designed large door.

A+++ energy efficiency

Saves water, energy and money thanks to A+++ classification.

SpeedCare drum

Best-in-class dewatering, for shorter cycle times, lower running costs and great results every time.

Automatic Moisture Control

Shorter drying cycle thanks to real time control of moisture level inside garments.
Prevents fibers from over-drying, saves time, and gives users peace of mind.


Create the myPRO configuration that fits your needs best.

Once you are done, send yourself the configuration and show it to your local sales agent.